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2009-12-16 07:03:37 by FenwayFan25

Well I've been on a roll with all this music! I've made 5 songs so far (Some better than others). My favorite ones are probably viRus and Just...Calm Down. I'm in the process of just making a simple Christmas scene (Not really an animation), and I hope to make a good animation and release it around February. I might even add in some of my music to it!


2009-12-12 23:48:03 by FenwayFan25

Besides just making animations, i love to make music. So, i'm probably gonna put a lot of my work here!
Here are my first two songs:

Rampage 1,000: /295473

Just...Calm Down: /295560

Assembly Line

2009-12-10 23:34:02 by FenwayFan25

Well i officially released my first flash and you can check it out now! ew/520754

I might make a sequel but it won't be released till next year (Around January-February)


2009-12-07 23:40:36 by FenwayFan25

Im planning on releasing my first animation hopefully before the holidays (because I won't be able to work on any for about 2-3 weeks). So i'm gonna try and get working on it and try to get it out!